2-1202. Commission; chairperson; executive director; compensation; duties; bond; personnel; duties; bonded or insured; vested with authority and power of law enforcement officer.

(1) The commission shall elect one of its members to be chairperson thereof, and it shall be authorized to employ an executive director and such other assistants and employees as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of sections 2-1201 to 2-1218, the Nebraska Racetrack Gaming Act, and sections 9-1201 to 9-1209. Such executive director shall have no other official duties. The executive director shall keep a record of the proceedings of the commission, preserve the books, records, and documents entrusted to the executive director, and perform such other duties as the commission shall prescribe; and the commission shall require the executive director to give bond in such sum as it may fix, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of the executive director. The commission shall be authorized to fix the compensation of the executive director, and also the compensation of its other employees, subject to the approval of the Governor. The commission shall have an office at such place within the state as it may determine and shall meet at such times and places as it shall find necessary and convenient for the discharge of its duties.

(2) The commission shall appoint or employ deputies, investigators, inspectors, agents, security personnel, and other persons as deemed necessary to administer and effectively enforce the regulation of horseracing, the Nebraska Racetrack Gaming Act, and sections 9-1201 to 9-1209. Any appointed or employed personnel shall perform the duties assigned by the commission.

(3) All personnel appointed or employed by the commission shall be bonded or insured as required by section 11-201. As specified by the commission, certain personnel shall be vested with the authority and power of a law enforcement officer to carry out the laws of this state administered by the commission.

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