2-1091. Implementation or enforcement of act; department; powers.

For the purpose of implementation or enforcement of the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act or any rule or regulation, the department may:

(1) Enter at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner without being subject to any action for trespass or damages, if reasonable care is exercised, all property where plants are grown, packed, held prior to distribution, or distributed for the purpose of inspecting all plants, structures, vehicles, equipment, packing materials, containers, records, and labels on such property or otherwise implementing or enforcing the act. The department may inspect and examine all records and property relating to compliance with the act. Such records and property shall be made available to the department for review at all reasonable times;

(2) In a reasonable manner, hold for inspection and take samples of any plants and associated materials which may not be in compliance with the act;

(3) Inspect or reinspect at any time or place any plants that are in the state or being shipped into or through the state and treat, seize, destroy, require treatment or destruction of, or return to the state of origin any plants in order to inhibit or prevent the movement of plant pests throughout the state;

(4) Obtain an inspection warrant in the manner prescribed in sections 29-830 to 29-835 from a court of record if any person refuses to allow the department to inspect pursuant to this section;

(5) Issue a written or printed withdrawal-from-distribution order and post signs to delineate sections not marked pursuant to subsection (3) of section 2-1095 or sections of distribution locations and to notify persons of any withdrawal-from-distribution order when the department has reasonable cause to believe any lot of nursery stock is being distributed in violation of the act or any rule or regulation;

(6) Apply for a restraining order, a temporary or permanent injunction, or a mandatory injunction against any person violating or threatening to violate the act or the rules and regulations. The district court of the county where the violation is occurring or is about to occur shall have jurisdiction to grant such relief upon good cause shown. Relief may be granted notwithstanding the existence of any other remedy at law and shall be granted without bond;

(7) Issue a quarantine or establish a quarantine area;

(8) Cooperate and enter into agreements, including harmonization plans, with any person in order to carry out the purpose of the act;

(9) Establish a restricted plant pest list to prohibit the movement into the state of plant pests not known to occur in Nebraska and to prohibit the movement of those plant pests present in the state but known to be destructive to the plant industry;

(10) Issue European corn borer quarantine certificates, phytosanitary certificates, and export certificates on plants for individual shipment to other states or foreign countries if those plants comply with the requirements or regulations of such state or foreign country or issue quarantine compliance agreements or European corn borer quarantine certification licenses;

(11) Inspect plants that any person desires to ship into another state or country when such person has made an application to the department for such inspection. The inspection shall determine the presence of plant pests to determine the acceptance of the plants into other states or countries. The department may accept the inspections of laboratories authorized by the department or field inspectors of the department;

(12) Certify plants or property to meet the requirements of specific quarantines imposed on Nebraska or Nebraska plants. The quarantine certification requirements shall be set forth in the rules and regulations;

(13) Until increased or decreased by rules or regulations, assess and collect fees set forth in section 2-1091.02 for inspections, services, or work performed in carrying out subdivisions (8) and (10) through (12) of this section. Inspection time shall include the driving to and from the location of the inspection in addition to the time spent conducting the inspection, and the mileage charge shall be for the purpose of inspection. Any fee charged to the department relating to such subdivisions shall be paid by the person requesting the inspection, services, or work. The department may, for purposes of administering such subdivisions, establish in rules and regulations inspection requirements, standards, and issuance, renewal, or revocation of licenses, certificates, or agreements necessitated by such subdivisions;

(14) Conduct continuing survey and detection programs on plant pests to monitor the population or spread of plant pests;

(15) Implement programs or plans to eradicate, manage, treat, or control plant pests;

(16) Issue, place on probation, suspend, or revoke licenses issued or agreements entered into pursuant to the act or deny applications for such licenses or agreements pursuant to the act; and

(17) Issue orders imposing administrative fines or cease and desist orders pursuant to the act.

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