Nebraska Revised Statute 2-10,116

Chapter 2


Rules and regulations.

The department shall have authority to adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations as are necessary to the effective discharge of its duties under the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act. The rules and regulations may include, but shall not be limited to, provisions governing:

(1) The issuance and revocation of licenses as authorized by the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act;

(2) The assessment and collection of license, inspection, reinspection, and delinquent fees;

(3) The withdrawal from distribution of nursery stock;

(4) The care, viability, and standards for nursery stock;

(5) The labeling and shipment of nursery stock;

(6) The issuance and release of plant pest quarantines and withdrawal-from-distribution orders;

(7) The establishment of a restricted plant pest list;

(8) The preparation, maintenance, handling, and filing of reports by persons subject to the act;

(9) The adoption of the American Association of Nurserymen's American Standard for Nursery Stock insofar as it does not conflict with any provision of the act;

(10) Factors to be considered when the director issues an order imposing an administrative fine;

(11) The planting of certified seed potatoes in the state; and

(12) The implementation of programs or plans involving the movement, treatment, control, and eradication of plant pests in the state.