Nebraska Revised Statute 2-10,109

Chapter 2 Section 10,109


Withdrawal-from-distribution order; issuance.

If the department finds that plants are distributed in violation of the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act, the department may issue a written or printed withdrawal-from-distribution order to the person in charge of such plants for the protection of the public health, safety, or welfare and may enforce such order. Such an order shall specify the nature of each violation and the precise action required to bring the plants into compliance with the applicable provisions of the act. Such an order shall advise the person that he or she may request an immediate hearing before the department on the specified violation.

The department may issue a withdrawal-from-distribution order on plants that are perishable, even if the result of such order will bring about the involuntary disposal of such items, when, in the opinion of the person issuing such order, no alternative course of action would sufficiently protect the public health, safety, or welfare under the circumstances.


  • Laws 1988, LB 874, § 38.