2-10,104. Foreign distributor; reciprocity; department; reciprocal agreements.

(1) Any person residing outside the state and desiring to solicit orders or distribute nursery stock in Nebraska may do so if:

(a) Such person is duly licensed under the nursery laws of the state where the nursery stock originates and the laws of that state are essentially equivalent to the laws of Nebraska as determined by the department; and

(b) Such person complies with the Plant Protection and Plant Pest Act and the rules and regulations on all nursery stock distributed in Nebraska.

(2) The department may cooperate with and enter into reciprocal agreements with other states regarding licensing and movement of nursery stock. Reciprocal agreements with other states shall not prevent the department from prohibiting the distribution in Nebraska of nursery stock which fails to meet the minimum criteria for nursery stock of Nebraska-licensed nursery stock distributors.

Source:Laws 1988, LB 874, § 33; Laws 2013, LB68, § 17.