19-708. Public utility; acquisition by city or village of distribution system; wholesale service.

Whenever the local distribution system of any public utility has been acquired by any city or village under the provisions of Chapter 19, article 7, the condemnee, if it is also the owner of any transmission system, whether by wire, pipeline, or otherwise, from any other point to such city or village shall, at the option of such city or village, be required to render wholesale service to such city or village whether otherwise acting as wholesaler or not. If the condemnee is a public power district subject to the provisions of section 70-626.01, the obligations of the public power district to the condemner under this section shall be no greater than to other cities and villages under section 70-626.01.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 44, § 1, p. 220; Laws 2019, LB193, § 64.