19-706. Court of condemnation; members; compensation; costs; witness fees.

The district judges constituting the court of condemnation appointed pursuant to sections 19-702 and 19-703 shall each receive from and be paid by such city or village fifteen dollars per day for their services and their necessary traveling expenses, hotel bills, and all other necessary expenses incurred while in attendance upon the sittings of such court of condemnation, with reimbursement for expenses to be made as provided in sections 81-1174 to 81-1177, and the city or village shall pay the reporter that may be appointed by such court such an amount as such court of condemnation shall allow him or her. The county sheriff shall serve all summons, subpoenas, or other orders or papers ordered issued or served by such court of condemnation at the same rate and compensation for which he or she serves like papers issued by the district court, but shall account for all such compensation to the county as is required by him or her under the law governing his or her duties as county sheriff. The court of condemnation shall have power to apportion the cost made before it, between the city or village and the corporation or party owning any such plant, works, or system, and the city or village shall provide for and pay all such costs or portion of costs as the court shall order, and shall also make provisions for the necessary funds and expenses to carry on the proceedings of such court of condemnation, from time to time while such proceedings are in progress, but in the event the city or village elects to abandon the condemnation proceedings pursuant to section 19-704, then the city or village shall pay all the costs made before such court of condemnation. If services of expert witnesses are secured then their fees or compensation to be taxed and paid as costs shall be only such amount as the court of condemnation shall fix, notwithstanding any contract between such experts and the party producing them to pay them more, but a contract to pay them more than the court shall allow as costs may be enforced between any such experts and the litigant or party employing them. The costs made by any such appeal or appeals shall be adjudged against the party defeated in such appeal in the same degree and manner as is done under the general court practice relating to appellate proceedings.

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