19-704. Court of condemnation; award; appeal; procedure; effect of appeal.

Upon the determination and filing of a finding of the value of any such plant, works or system by the said court of condemnation, such city or village shall then have the right and power by ordinance duly passed by its duly constituted authorities, to elect to abandon such condemnation proceedings. If it does not elect within ninety days after the finding and filing of value, then the person or corporation owning any such plant, works or system may appeal from the finding of value and award by the said court of condemnation to the district court by filing within twenty days from the expiration of the said time given the city or village to exercise its rights of abandonment, with the city clerk of any such city or the village clerk of any such village, a bond, to be approved by him, conditioned for the payment of all costs which may be made on any such appeal, and by filing in said district court, within ninety days after such bond is filed, a transcript of the proceedings before such condemnation court including the evidence taken before it certified by the clerk, reporter, and judges of such court. The appeal in the district court shall be tried and determined upon the pleadings, proceedings, and evidence embraced in such transcript; Provided, that if such appeal is taken the city or village, upon tendering the amount of the value and award made by such condemnation court, to the party owning any such plant, works or system, shall, notwithstanding such appeal, have the right and power to take immediate possession of any such plant, works or system, and the city or village authorities, without vote of the people, shall have the power, if necessary, to issue and sell bonds of the city or village to provide funds to make such tender.

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