19-4021. Business improvement board; membership; powers; duties.

The mayor, with the approval of the city council, shall appoint a business improvement board consisting of property owners, residents, business operators, or users of space within the business area to be improved. The boundaries of the business area shall be declared by resolution of the city council at or prior to the time of the appointment of the board. The board shall make recommendations to the city council for the establishment of a plan or plans for improvements in the business area. If it is found that the improvements to be included in one business area offer benefits that cannot be equitably assessed together under the Business Improvement District Act, more than one business improvement district as part of the same plan for improvements for that business area may be proposed. The board may make recommendations to the city as to the use of any occupation tax funds collected, and may administer such funds if so directed by the mayor and city council. The board shall also review and make recommendations to the city regarding expansion of the boundaries of the business improvement district under sections 19-4029.02 to 19-4029.05.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 251, § 7; Laws 1983, LB 22, § 3; Laws 2015, LB168, § 6.