19-402. Commission plan; petition for adoption; election; ballot form.

If a petition is filed with the city clerk of any city meeting the requirements of section 19-401, signed by registered voters equal in number to twenty-five percent of the votes cast for all candidates for mayor at the last preceding general city election, the mayor of the city shall, by appropriate proclamation and notice within twenty days after such filing, call and proclaim a special election to be held upon a date fixed in such proclamation and notice, which date shall not be less than fifteen nor more than sixty days after the date and issuance of such proclamation. After the filing of any petition provided for in this section, no signer thereon shall be permitted to withdraw his or her name therefrom. At such special election the proposition of adopting the provisions of sections 19-401 to 19-433 shall be submitted to the registered voters of the city, and such proposition shall be stated as follows: Shall the city of (name of city) adopt the provisions of (naming the charter of the published law containing such sections) called the commission plan of city government? The special election shall be held and conducted, the vote canvassed, and the result declared in the same manner as provided for the holding and conducting of the general city election in any such city. All officers charged with any duty respecting the calling, holding, and conducting of such general city election shall perform such duties for and at such special election.

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