19-3314. Costs; special assessment; notice; contents; appeal.

In the ordinance creating an offstreet parking district pursuant to the Offstreet Parking District Act, the mayor and city council shall provide that in addition to the levy of taxes and pledge of revenue all or a portion of the cost of acquisition, including construction, maintenance, repair, and reconstruction of any offstreet parking facility may be paid for by special assessment against the real estate located in such district in proportion to the special benefit of each parcel of real estate. The amounts of such special assessments shall be determined by the mayor and city council sitting as a board of equalization. Notice of a hearing on any special assessments to be levied under section 19-3315 shall be given to the landowners in such district by publication of the description of the land, the amount proposed to be assessed, and the general purpose for which such assessment is to be made one time each week for three weeks in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the city. The notice shall provide the date, time, and place of hearing to determine any objection or protest by landowners in the district as to the amount of assessment made against their land. An appeal by writ of error or direct appeal to the district court of the county in which such city is located may be taken from the decision of the city council in the same manner and under like terms and conditions as appeals may be taken from the amount of special assessments levied in street improvement districts of such city.

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