19-3313. Objections to formation of district; percentage required; effect; designation of district.

If the owners of the record title representing more than fifty percent of the taxable valuation of all of the taxable real property included in a proposed offstreet parking district or districts under the Offstreet Parking District Act, and who were such owners at the time the notice of hearing on objections to the creation of the district was first published, file with the city clerk within twenty days of the first publication of the notice written objections to the formation of the district, such district shall not be formed. If objections are not filed by owners of such fifty percent of the taxable valuation of all of the taxable real property and if the mayor and city council find, after considering any other protests and objections that may be filed and after considering the evidence presented at the hearing, that the public health, welfare, convenience, or necessity requires the formation of such an offstreet parking district and facilities, then such district shall be formed by ordinance. If the mayor and city council find that the boundaries as set forth in the resolution and notice include land which should not be included, then the ordinance shall fix the boundaries of the district so as to exclude such land. Each district formed pursuant to this section shall be numbered and the designation of the district shall be called, using appropriate numbers, Vehicle Offstreet Parking District No. .... of the City of .............., Nebraska. The ordinance creating the district need not designate the exact location of the proposed offstreet parking facility but shall designate the engineer's estimate of the sum of money to be expended in the acquisition of property and construction of such offstreet parking facility or the share of such project as will be borne by the district. The total cost and expenses shall include:

(1) The amounts estimated to be paid for the property to be acquired;

(2) All costs and expenses in construction of the offstreet parking facility;

(3) All engineering expense; and

(4) The estimated expense of issuing and selling bonds and all other expenses which the city would not have except for the creation of such offstreet parking district.

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