19-3312. Proposed districts; boundaries; notice; objections; hearing.

The mayor and city council may fix and establish by resolution pursuant to the Offstreet Parking District Act the boundaries of a proposed offstreet parking district, which boundaries shall include all the land in the district which in the opinion of the mayor and city council will be specially benefited thereby. Notice of the time and place of a hearing before the city council on the creation of such district and of protests and objections to the creation of the district as set forth in the notice shall be given by publication one time each week for not less than three weeks in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the city. The notice shall also set forth the proposed boundaries of the district and the engineer's estimate of the sum of money to be expended in the acquisition of property and the construction of the offstreet parking facility. Not later than the hour set for the hearing any owner or any person interested in any real estate within the proposed district may severally or with other owners file with the city clerk written objections to the thing proposed to be done, the extent of the proposed district, or both, and every person so interested shall have a right to protest on any grounds and to object to his or her real estate being included in the district, and at such hearing all objections and protests shall be heard and passed upon by the mayor and city council.

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