19-3311. Offstreet parking facilities; authorized; powers; home rule charter provisions excepted; limitations; duties of city council.

Notwithstanding the provisions of any home rule charter and in addition to the powers set out in sections 15-269 to 15-276 and 16-801 to 16-811, any city of the primary, first or second class in Nebraska is hereby authorized to own, purchase, construct, equip, lease, either as lessee or lessor, or operate within such city, offstreet parking facilities for the use of the general public and to refund bonds of the city issued pursuant to sections 19-3301 to 19-3326, or in a city of the first class to refund outstanding bonds issued to purchase, construct, equip or operate such offstreet parking facilities pursuant to sections 16-801 to 16-811. Except as otherwise provided in any home rule charter, the grant of power herein does not include power to engage, directly or indirectly, in the sale of gasoline, oil, or other merchandise or in furnishing of any service other than of parking motor vehicles as provided in sections 19-3301 to 19-3326. Any such city shall have the authority to acquire by grant, contract, purchase or through condemnation, as provided by law or by any home rule charter for such acquisition, all real or personal property, including a site or sites on which to construct such offstreet parking facility, necessary or convenient in carrying out of this grant of power; Provided, that property now used or hereafter acquired for public offstreet motor vehicle parking by a private operator shall not be subject to condemnation. Before any such city may commence a program to construct, purchase, or acquire by other means a proposed offstreet parking facility or facilities, notice shall be given, by publication once each week for not less than thirty days, inviting application for private ownership and operation of offstreet parking facilities, which notice shall fix a date for a public hearing on any application received. If no application or applications have been received or if received, the same have been disapproved by the governing body of such city after a public hearing concerning such applications, then such city may proceed in the exercise of the powers herein granted. The procedure to condemn property shall be exercised in the manner set forth in sections 76-701 to 76-724, except as to properties specifically excluded by section 76-703, and as to which sections 19-701 to 19-707 are applicable. The duties set forth for the mayor and city council in sections 19-3312 to 19-3325 shall be the duties and responsibilities of the city council in any city which by law or by home rule charter has exclusively vested all legislative powers of the city in such council.

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