19-2411. Combined improvements; district; creation; notice; objections.

The city council or village board of trustees may without petition create an improvement district and cause one or more of the improvements specified in section 19-2409 to be made in such district. The ordinance shall designate the property included within the district or the outer boundaries thereof, the improvement or improvements to be made in the district, and the total estimated cost of the improvements, which shall not exceed the dollar limitations in section 19-2408. After passage, approval, and publication of the ordinance, the city clerk or village clerk shall cause notice of the creation of such district to be published for two consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the city or village, or in lieu of publication cause such notice to be served personally or by certified mail on all owners of real property located within the district. If a majority of the owners of all the real property in the district file written objections to the creation of the district with the city clerk or village clerk within twenty days after the first publication of such notice or within twenty days after the date of mailing or service of written notice on the property owners in the district, the city or village shall not proceed further and shall repeal such ordinance. If no such objections are filed, the city shall proceed with making the improvements.

Source:Laws 1961, c. 64, § 4, p. 253; Laws 2003, LB 52, § 5; Laws 2019, LB193, § 150.