19-2403. Water service; sanitary sewer service; extension districts; connection compelled; penalty; assessments.

(1) When the extension of the sewer or water service involved in an extension district created pursuant to section 19-2402 is completed, the municipality shall compel all proper connections of occupied properties in the district with the extension and may provide a penalty for failure to comply with regulations of the municipality pertaining to the district.

(2) In case any property owner neglects or fails, for ten days after notice, either by personal service or by publication in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the municipality, to comply with municipal regulations pertaining to municipal water service or municipal sanitary service extensions or to make connections of his or her property with such utility service, the city council or village board of trustees may cause the same to be done, assess the cost thereof against the property, and collect the same in the manner provided for the collection of general municipal taxes.

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