19-1306. Public utilities; plans and specifications; notice; contents; revenue bonds, sale; procedure; subsequent issuance of revenue bonds; procedure.

The governing body of such city or village shall first cause plans and specifications for said proposed extensions and improvements and an estimate of the cost thereof to be made by the city or village engineer or by a special engineer employed for that purpose. Such plans, specifications and estimate of cost, after being approved and adopted by the governing body, shall be filed with the city or village clerk and be open to public inspection. The governing body shall then, by resolution entered in the minutes of their proceedings, direct that public notice be given in regard thereto. This notice shall state: (1) The general nature of the improvements or extensions proposed to be made; (2) that the plans, specifications and estimate thereof are on file in the office of the city or village clerk and are open to public inspection; (3) the estimated cost thereof; (4) that it has proposed to pay for the same by combined revenue bonds; (5) the principal amount of said bonds which it proposes to issue; (6) the maximum rate of interest which such bonds will bear; (7) that the payment of said bonds will be a lien upon and will be secured by a pledge of the revenue and earnings of certain public utilities; (8) the names of the utilities whose revenue and earnings are to be so pledged; (9) that any qualified elector of the city or village may file written objections to the issuance of said bonds with the city or village clerk within twenty days after the first publication of said notice; (10) that if such objections are filed within said time by qualified electors of the city or village, equal in number to forty percent of the electors of the city or village who voted at the last preceding general municipal election, the bonds will not be issued unless the issuance of such bonds is otherwise authorized in accordance with law; and (11) that if such objections are not so filed by such percentage of such electors, the governing body of such city or village proposes to pass an ordinance authorizing the sale of said bonds and making such contracts with reference thereto as may be necessary or proper. Such notice shall be signed by the city or village clerk and be published three consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper published or of general circulation in such city or village. Once combined revenue bonds have been issued pursuant to this section or section 18-1101, the procedure outlined in this section shall not be required to issue additional combined revenue bonds unless an additional public utility not previously included is to be combined with the bonds contemplated to be issued.

Source:Laws 1945, c. 38, § 2, p. 192; Laws 1975, LB 446, § 2.