18-507. Installation, improvement, or extension; plans and specifications; bidding requirements.

Whenever the governing body of any city or village shall have ordered the installation of a sewerage system and sewage disposal plant or the improvement or extension of an existing system, the fact that such order was issued shall be recited in the official minutes of the governing body. The said body shall thereupon require that plans and specifications be prepared of such sewerage system and sewage disposal plant, or such improvement or extension. Upon approval of such plans, the governing body shall thereupon advertise for sealed bids for the construction of said improvements once a week for three weeks in a legal paper published in or of general circulation within said municipality, and the contract shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.

Source:Laws 1933, c. 146, § 7, p. 563; C.S.Supp.,1941, § 18-1407; R.S.1943, § 18-507.