18-3304. Additions; plat; contents; duty to file.

Every original owner of any tract or parcel of land, who shall subdivide such tract or parcel into two or more parts for the purpose of laying out any city or village or an addition to any city or village, or suburban lots, shall cause a plat of such subdivision, with references to known or permanent monuments, to be made, which shall accurately describe all subdivisions of such tract or parcel of land, numbering such tract or parcel by progressive numbers, and giving the dimensions and length and breadth of such tract or parcel, and the breadth and courses of all streets and alleys established therein. Descriptions of lots or parcels of land in such subdivisions, according to the number and designation on such plat, in conveyances or for the purposes of taxation, shall be deemed good and valid for all purposes. The duty to file for record a plat as provided in sections 18-3304 to 18-3315 shall attach as a covenant of warranty in all conveyances made of any part or parcel of such subdivision by the original owners against any and all assessments, costs, and damages paid, lost, or incurred by any grantee in consequence of the omission on the part of the owner filing such plat.

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