18-305. Telephones; free or underpriced service to city officers; acceptance by officer; prohibited; penalties.

It shall be unlawful for any telephone company to furnish to any officer of any city or village in this state, whether such officer be elective or appointive, a telephone free of charge, or for a price less than is charged other customers for similar service, or for any such officer to accept such telephone or telephone service free of charge, or at a less price than shall be charged to other customers for similar service. Any violation of this section by a telephone company shall be a Class III misdemeanor, and the officer or agent of any such telephone company acting or assisting in such violation shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor. Any violation of this section by any officer of any such city or village shall be a Class III misdemeanor; and he or she shall upon conviction forfeit the office held by him or her at the time of committing such offense.

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