18-2702. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds that:

(1) There is a high degree of competition among states and municipalities in our nation in their efforts to provide incentives for businesses to expand or to locate in their respective jurisdictions;

(2) Municipalities in Nebraska are hampered in their efforts to effectively compete because of their inability under Nebraska law to respond quickly to opportunities or to raise sufficient capital from local sources to provide incentives for the provision of new services or business location or expansion decisions which are tailored to meet the needs of the local community;

(3) The ability of a municipality to encourage the provision of new services or business location and expansion has a direct impact not only upon the economic well-being of the community and its residents but upon the whole state as well; and

(4) There is a need to provide Nebraska municipalities with the opportunity of providing assistance to business enterprises in their communities, whether for expansion of existing operations, the creation of new businesses, or the provision of new services, by the use of funds raised by local taxation when the voters in the municipality determine that it is in the best interest of their community to do so.

Source:Laws 1991, LB 840, § 2; Laws 2001, LB 827, § 10.