18-2454. Power project agency; irrigation works; powers.

Subject to the limitations of the petition for its creation and all amendments thereto, an agency may own, construct, reconstruct, improve, purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire, extend, manage, use, or operate any irrigation works, as defined in section 70-601, either within or beyond, or partly within and partly beyond, the boundaries of the participating municipalities, and any and every kind of property, personal or real, necessary, useful, or incident to such acquisition, extension, management, use, and operation, whether the same be independent of or in connection or conjunction with an electric light and power business, in whole or in part. In connection with the powers enumerated in this section, such agency shall have the right and power to enter into any contract, lease, agreement, or arrangement with any state, county, city, village, governmental or public corporation or association, person, public or private firm or corporation, the United States, or any officer, department, bureau or agency thereof, or any corporation organized under federal law for the purpose of exercising or utilizing any one or more of the powers enumerated in this section, or for the sale, leasing, or otherwise furnishing or establishing, water rights, water supply, water service, or water storage, for irrigation or flood control, or for the financing or payment of the cost and expenses incident to the construction, acquisition, or operation of such irrigation works, or incident to any obligation or liability entered into or incurred by such agency.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 132, ยง 54.