18-2445. Emergencies; conditions created by war; contracting requirements inapplicable; Nebraska workers preferred; bonds; laws applicable.

(1) In the event of sudden or unexpected damage, injury, or impairment of such project, plant, works, system, or other property belonging to the agency, or an order of a regulatory body which would prevent compliance with section 18-2442, the board of directors may, in its discretion, declare an emergency, and proceed with the necessary construction, reconstruction, remodeling, building, alteration, maintenance, repair, extension, or improvement without first complying with the provisions of sections 18-2442 to 18-2444.

(2) When, by reason of disturbed or disrupted economic conditions due to war or due to the operation of laws, rules, or regulations of governmental authorities, whether enacted, passed, promulgated, or issued under or due to the emergency or necessities of war or national defense, the contracting or purchasing by the agency is so restricted, prohibited, limited, allocated, regulated, rationed, or otherwise controlled, that the letting of contracts therefor, pursuant to the requirements of such sections, is legally or physically impossible or impractical, the provisions of sections 18-2442 to 18-2444 shall not apply to such contracts or purchases.

(3) Such contract shall provide that, to the extent practicable, workers who are citizens of Nebraska shall be given preference for employment by the contractor.

(4) All provisions of section 52-118, with reference to contractors' bonds, shall be applicable and effective as to any contract let pursuant to sections 18-2401 to 18-2485.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 132, ยง 45.