18-2439. Agency; dissolution; withdrawal of municipality; outstanding bonds, how treated; assets, how distributed.

An agency shall be dissolved upon the adoption, by the governing bodies of at least half of the participating municipalities, of an ordinance or resolution setting forth the determination that the need for such municipality to act cooperatively through an agency no longer exists. An agency shall not be dissolved so long as the agency has bonds outstanding, unless provision for full payment of such bonds and interest thereon, by escrow or otherwise, has been made pursuant to the terms of such bonds or the ordinance, resolution, trust indenture, or security instrument securing such bonds. If the governing bodies of one or more, but less than a majority, of the participating municipalities adopt such an ordinance or resolution, such municipalities shall be permitted to withdraw from participation in the agency, but such withdrawal shall not affect the obligations of such municipality pursuant to any contracts or other agreements with such agency. Such withdrawal shall not impair the payment of any outstanding bonds or interest thereon. In the event of the dissolution of an agency, its board shall provide for the disposition, division, or distribution of the agency's assets among the participating municipalities by such means as such board shall determine, in its sole discretion, to be fair and equitable.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 132, § 39; Laws 2007, LB199, § 8.