18-2433. Power projects; petition for agency creation; amendment; approval procedure.

(1) A petition for the creation of an agency which intends to engage in the operation of power projects or the generation or supply of electrical energy may be amended as provided in this section. Upon a majority vote of the directors, an agency may amend its petition for creation or may amend its charter to provide for a change in the general description of the nature of the business in which the agency is engaged, upon petition to the Nebraska Power Review Board and approval by the Nebraska Power Review Board in accordance with the procedure established in sections 18-2426 to 18-2434.

(2) After notice to interested parties and a public hearing which may be held at the option of the Nebraska Power Review Board, such amendments shall be approved if the Nebraska Power Review Board determines that the statements in the petition are true and conform to public convenience and welfare, and so long as the plants, systems, and works, the operation of the same, the exercise of powers, and the assumptions of duties and responsibilities of, or on the part of, such agency, do not nullify, conflict with, or materially affect those of any other district or a corporation organized under the provisions of Chapter 70, article 6 or 8 or the Electric Cooperative Corporation Act, or those of any part of such district or corporation.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 132, § 33; Laws 1981, LB 181, § 62; Laws 2003, LB 165, § 10.

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