18-2425. Projects other than power projects; participation of additional municipalities; procedure.

After the creation of an agency, any other municipality may become a participating municipality therein upon (1) application to such agency, (2) the adoption of an ordinance or passage of a resolution by the governing body of the municipality setting forth the determination prescribed in section 18-2420 and authorizing such municipality to become a participating municipality, and (3) at least a majority vote of the directors, except that an agency's bylaws may require a greater percentage of approval for such authorization. Thereupon such municipality shall become a participating municipality entitled to appoint a director or directors of such agency in the manner prescribed by section 18-2420 and to otherwise participate in such agency to the same extent as if such municipality had participated in the creation of the agency. Upon the filing with the Secretary of State of certified copies of the ordinances and resolutions described in this section, the Secretary of State shall issue an amended certificate of incorporation setting forth the names of the participating municipalities.

Source:Laws 1981, LB 132, § 25; Laws 2007, LB199, § 4.