18-2314. Inspectors; employment authorized; noncomplying system; correction or removal.

Any city or village having an air conditioning air distribution board shall be authorized to employ inspectors who shall inspect all parts of any air conditioning air distribution system or ventilating or exhaust system in process of construction, alteration or repair within the respective jurisdiction of such city or village. Any such system found not to comply with the regulations of the board or ordinances of the city or village shall be reported to the board and if not corrected in accordance with requirements of the rules and regulations of the board and ordinances of the city or village shall be removed, if, after notice to the owner or contractor or certificate holder doing the work, the board shall find the work or any part thereof to be defective or not in compliance with such rules and regulations or ordinances.

Source:Laws 1969, c. 98, ยง 14, p. 472.