18-2148. Project valuation; county assessor; duties.

Commencing on the effective date of the provision outlined in section 18-2147, the county assessor, or county clerk where he or she is ex officio county assessor, of the county in which the redevelopment project is located, shall transmit to an authority and the county treasurer, upon request of the authority, the redevelopment project valuation and shall annually certify, on or before August 20, to the authority and the county treasurer the current valuation for assessment of taxable real property in the redevelopment project. The county assessor shall undertake, upon request of an authority, an investigation, examination, and inspection of the taxable real property in the redevelopment project and shall reaffirm or revalue the current value for assessment of such property in accordance with the findings of such investigation, examination, and inspection.

Source:Laws 1979, LB 158, § 11; Laws 2006, LB 808, § 3.