18-2117.03. Redevelopment project; inclusion of certain costs.

(1) A redevelopment project that includes the division of taxes as provided in section 18-2147 shall not provide for the reimbursement of costs incurred prior to approval of the redevelopment project, except for costs relating to:

(a) The preparation of materials and applications related to the redevelopment project;

(b) The preparation of a cost-benefit analysis conducted pursuant to section 18-2113;

(c) The preparation of a redevelopment contract;

(d) The preparation of bond and other financing instruments;

(e) Land acquisition and related due diligence activities, including, but not limited to, surveys and environmental studies; and

(f) Site demolition and preparation.

(2) This section shall not be construed to require the reimbursement of legal fees incurred prior to approval of the redevelopment project.

Source:Laws 2018, LB874, § 17; Laws 2020, LB1003, § 178.
Operative Date: November 14, 2020