18-2111. Plan; who may prepare; contents.

(1) The authority may itself prepare or cause to be prepared a redevelopment plan or any person or agency, public or private, may submit such a plan to an authority. A redevelopment plan shall be sufficiently complete to indicate its relationship to definite local objectives as to appropriate land uses, improved traffic, public transportation, public utilities, recreational and community facilities and other public improvements, and the proposed land uses and building requirements in the redevelopment project area, and shall include without being limited to: (a) The boundaries of the redevelopment project area, with a map showing the existing uses and condition of the real property therein; (b) a land-use plan showing proposed uses of the area; (c) information showing the standards of population densities, land coverage, and building intensities in the area after redevelopment; (d) a statement of the proposed changes, if any, in zoning ordinances or maps, street layouts, street levels or grades, or building codes and ordinances; (e) a site plan of the area; and (f) a statement as to the kind and number of additional public facilities or utilities which will be required to support the new land uses in the area after redevelopment. Any redevelopment plan may include a proposal for the designation of an enhanced employment area.

(2) This section shall not apply to a redevelopment plan that receives an expedited review under section 18-2155.

Source:Laws 1951, c. 224, § 6(4), p. 805; R.R.S.1943, § 14-1611; R.R.S.1943, § 19-2611; Laws 2007, LB562, § 4; Laws 2020, LB1021, § 5.
Effective Date: November 14, 2020