17-945. Cemetery association; trustees; conveyances.

Upon the formation of a cemetery association under section 17-944, the lot owners in such cemetery shall elect five of their number as trustees, to whom shall be given the general care, management, and supervision of such cemetery. The mayor of the city of the second class or chairperson of the village board of trustees shall, by virtue of his or her office, be a member of the board of trustees of the cemetery association, and it shall be his or her duty to make, execute, and deliver to purchasers of lots deeds for the lots, when requested by the board of trustees of the cemetery association. Such deeds shall be executed under the corporate seal of such city or village, and countersigned by the city clerk or village clerk, specifying that the person to whom such deed is issued is the owner, for the purposes of interment, of the lot or lots described therein by numbers, as laid down on the map or plat of such cemetery. Such deed shall vest in the proprietor, his or her heirs or assigns, a right in fee simple to such lot for the sole purpose of interment, under the regulations of the board of trustees of the cemetery association.

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