17-905.01. Gas distribution system or bottled gas plant; lease by city; terms; submission to election.

Any city of the second class or any village which constructs a gas distribution system, or purchases or otherwise acquires a bottled gas plant, within the corporate limits of the city or village as provided in section 17-905, may lease any such facility or facilities to any such person, persons, corporation, or corporations as the city council or village board of trustees may select, upon such terms and conditions as it shall deem advisable. If there are any revenue bonds outstanding or to be outstanding at the time the lease becomes effective, for which the revenue and earnings of such facility or facilities are or shall be pledged and hypothecated, the net lease payments shall be sufficient to pay the principal and interest on such revenue bonds as the same become due. Such proposition shall be first submitted to the qualified voters of such city of the second class or village in the manner set forth in section 17-905, to be submitted either independently of or in conjunction with the proposition set forth in section 17-905.

Source:Laws 1963, c. 69, § 1, p. 270; Laws 2017, LB133, § 241.