17-601.02. Caucus; notice to village clerk; contents.

The chairperson of the caucus at which candidates are nominated under section 17-601.01 shall notify the village clerk in writing of the candidates so nominated, not later than two days following the caucus. The village clerk shall then notify the persons so nominated of their nomination, such notification to take place not later than five days after such caucus. No candidate so nominated shall have his or her name placed upon the ballot unless, not more than ten days after the holding of such caucus, he or she files with the village clerk a written statement accepting the nomination of the caucus and pays the filing fee, if any, for the office for which he or she was nominated.

Source:Laws 1971, LB 432, § 2; Laws 1993, LB 348, § 3; Laws 2017, LB133, § 200.