17-557.01. Sidewalks; removal of encroachments; cost of removal; special assessments; interest.

If the abutting property owner refuses or neglects, after five days' notice by publication or, in place thereof, personal service of such notice, to remove all encroachments from sidewalks, as provided in section 17-557, the city of the second class or village through the proper officers may cause such encroachments to be removed and the cost of removal shall be paid out of the street fund. The city council or village board of trustees shall assess the cost of the notice and removal of the encroachment against such abutting property as a special assessment. Such special assessment shall be known as a special sidewalk assessment and, together with the cost of notice, shall be levied and collected as a special assessment in addition to the general revenue taxes and shall be subject to the same penalties as other special assessments and shall draw interest from the date of the assessment. Upon payment of the assessment, the assessment shall be credited to the street fund.

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