17-218. Village; dissolution; when effective.

(1) If a majority of the registered voters of a village voting on the question vote in favor of the abolishment of the incorporation of a village, then, from and after the effective date of the abolishment of the incorporation as determined by the county board as provided in subsection (2) of this section, the incorporation of the village shall cease and be abolished, and the area formerly encompassed within the boundaries of the village shall thereafter be governed by county commissioners as provided by law for unincorporated areas within the county. Upon such date, the terms of office of all elected and appointed officers and employees of the village shall end.

(2) Within fifty days after the date of the election at which the registered voters of the village approve the abolishment of the village's incorporation, the county board of the county within which the village is located shall, by resolution, specify the month, day, and year upon which the abolishment of the incorporation becomes effective. The effective date shall not be later than (a) six calendar months following the date of the election or (b) if there are liabilities of the village which cannot be retired except by means of a continuing property tax levy by the village, the date such liabilities can be paid, whichever is later. The county clerk shall transmit a copy of the resolution to the Secretary of State.

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Effective Date: August 24, 2017