17-201. Village, defined; incorporation; restriction on territory; condition.

(1) Any municipality containing not less than one hundred nor more than eight hundred inhabitants as determined by the most recent federal decennial census or the most recent revised certified count by the United States Bureau of the Census incorporated as a village under the laws of this state, any village that votes to retain village government as provided in section 17-312, and any city of the second class that has adopted village government as provided by sections 17-306 to 17-309 shall be a village and shall have the rights, powers, and immunities granted by law to villages. The population of a village shall consist of the people residing within the territorial boundaries of such village and the residents of any territory duly and properly annexed to such village.

(2) Whenever a majority of the inhabitants of any village, not incorporated under any laws of this state, present a petition to the county board of the county in which the petitioners reside, requesting that they may be incorporated as a village and designating the name they wish to assume and the metes and bounds of the proposed village, and a majority of the members of such county board are satisfied that a majority of the inhabitants of the proposed village have signed such petition and that inhabitants to the number of one hundred or more are actual residents of the territory described in the petition, the county board shall declare the proposed village incorporated, enter the order of incorporation upon its records, and designate the metes and bounds of such village. Thereafter the village shall be governed by the provisions of law applicable to the government of villages. The county board shall, at the time of the incorporation of the village, appoint five persons, having the qualifications provided in section 17-203, as the village board of trustees, who shall hold their offices and perform all the duties required of them by law until the election and qualification of their successors at the time and in the manner provided in section 17-202, except that the county board shall not declare a proposed village incorporated or enter an order of incorporation if any portion of the territory of such proposed village is within five miles of another incorporated municipality.

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Note: The Revisor of Statutes has pursuant to section 49-769 correlated LB113, section 13, with LB133, section 62, to reflect all amendments.