16-729. Claims; allowance or disallowance; appeal; transcript; trial.

The city clerk, upon an appeal being taken under section 16-727 or 16-728 and being paid the proper fees therefor, including fees for filing the same in the district court, shall make out a transcript of the proceedings of the city council, mayor, and other officers as relate to the presentation and allowance or disallowance of such claim and shall file it with the clerk of the district court within thirty days after the decision allowing or disallowing the claim and paying the proper commencement fees. Such appeal shall be entered on the docket of the court, tried, and determined and costs awarded thereon in the manner provided in sections 25-1901 to 25-1937. No appeal bond shall be required of the city by any court in the case of an appeal by the city, and judgment shall be stayed pending such appeal.

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