16-698. Markets; construction; operation; location; approval of electors; notice; when required.

Any city of the first class may, by ordinance, (1) purchase and hold grounds for and erect and establish market houses and market places, and regulate and govern such market houses and market places, (2) contract with any person or persons or companies or corporations for the erection and regulation of such market houses and market places on such terms and conditions and in such manner as the city council may prescribe, and (3) raise all necessary revenue for the purposes provided in this section. The city council may provide for the erection of all other useful and necessary buildings for the use of the city and for the protection and safety of all property owned by the city, in connection with such market houses and places. It may locate such market houses, market places, and buildings on any street, alley, or public grounds, or on any land purchased for such purposes, and establish, alter, and change the channel of streams and watercourses within the city, and bridge such streams and watercourses. Any such improvement costing in the aggregate a sum greater than two thousand dollars shall not be authorized until the ordinance providing for the improvement shall first be submitted to and ratified by a majority of the legal voters of such city voting thereon, notice of which shall be given by publication once each week for three successive weeks in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in such city.

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