Nebraska Revised Statute 16-6,106

Chapter 16



Cities of the first class are hereby authorized and empowered to develop and implement and from time to time amend, change, and modify a general plan or program of flood and storm water control, drainage, and disposal for such city. If the plan or program requires works of improvement outside of the city limits, it shall be submitted for review to the boards of the county or counties affected and to the Department of Natural Resources. To accomplish such purposes, or any of them, the city may to the extent deemed needful or useful in the judgment of the city council:

(1) Procure and contract for professional and technical assistance of all kinds;

(2) Build, construct, alter, modify, and improve, using either its own employees, equipment, and facilities or by contract with others, dams, dikes, levees, drainways, channels, structures, devices, storm water sewers and systems, and works of all kinds and appurtenances thereto all without any limitation whatsoever, including extensions, additions, and improvements and alterations of any such existing facilities, for the control, management, drainage, and disposal of flood, storm, or surface waters, both within and without the city as in the discretion of the city council may be required for the protection, benefit, and welfare of the city and its inhabitants and their property; and

(3) Acquire by purchase, lease, gift, and contract and through the exercise of the right of eminent domain all lands, structures, easements, rights-of-way, or other property real or personal both within and without the city as may in the discretion of the city council be required or useful in connection with any such plan or program and the implementation thereof.


Cross References

  • For additional flood control powers of cities of the first class, see section 23-320.07.