16-227. Riots; disorderly conduct; use of explosives; weapons; vagabonds; lights; bonfires; regulation.

A city of the first class may (1) prevent and restrain riots, routs, noises, disturbances, breach of the peace, or disorderly assemblies in any street, house, or place in the city, (2) regulate, punish, and prevent the discharge of firearms, rockets, powder, fireworks, or any other dangerous combustible material in the streets, lots, grounds, and alleys or about or in the vicinity of any buildings, (3) regulate, prevent, and punish the carrying of concealed weapons, except the carrying of a concealed handgun in compliance with the Concealed Handgun Permit Act, (4) arrest, regulate, punish, or fine vagabonds, (5) regulate and prevent the transportation or storage of gunpowder or other explosive or combustible articles, tar, pitch, resin, coal oil, benzine, turpentine, hemp, cotton, nitroglycerine, dynamite, petroleum or any other productions thereof, and other materials of like nature, the use of lights in stables, shops, or other places, and the building of bonfires, and (6) regulate and prohibit the piling of building material or any excavation or obstruction in the street.

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