16-1035. Retirement committee; members; terms; vacancy; expenses.

Each retirement committee established pursuant to section 16-1034 shall consist of six members of which four members shall be selected by the active paid firefighters excluding firefighters identified in section 16-1039. Two members shall be designated by the city council. The members who are not participants in such retirement system shall have a general knowledge of retirement plans. Members of the city council, active members of the fire department, and members of the general public may serve on the retirement committee. The committee members shall be appointed to four-year terms. Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the term by a person with the same representation as his or her predecessor. Members of the retirement committee shall, subject to approval by the city council, be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in carrying out their duties.

Source:Laws 1983, LB 531, § 16; Laws 1992, LB 672, § 26; Laws 2016, LB704, § 208.