15-846. Deposit of funds; bond required; conditions.

For the security of the funds deposited as provided in section 15-845 the city treasurer shall require each depository to give bond for the safekeeping and payment of such deposits and the accretions to the deposit, which bond shall run to the city and be approved by the city attorney for form and legality. Such bond shall be conditioned that such a depository shall, at the end of every quarter, render to the treasurer a statement in duplicate showing the several daily balances, the amount of money of the city held by it during the quarter, the amount of the accretion to the deposit, and how credited. The bond shall also be conditioned that the depository shall pay such deposit and the accretion when demanded by the city treasurer at any time, perform as required by sections 15-845 to 15-847, and faithfully discharge the trust reposed in such depository. Such bond shall be as nearly as practicable in the form provided in section 77-2304. No person in any way connected with any depository as officer or stockholder shall be accepted as a surety on any bond given by the depository of which he or she is an officer or stockholder. Such bond shall be deposited with the city clerk. Section 77-2366 shall apply to deposits in capital stock financial institutions. Section 77-2365.01 shall apply to deposits in qualifying mutual financial institutions.

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