15-724. Public markets; establishment.

The mayor and council may by ordinance purchase and own grounds for, erect and establish market houses and market places, regulate and govern the same, and prescribe the fees to be charged persons for stalls therein; Provided, the revenue so derived shall be applied (1) to the payment of the salaries of the officers appointed to take charge of said market, (2) to the payment of repairs of the market house, and (3) to the payment of the cost of erecting said market house. After all salaries, repairs and costs of construction have been paid, the surplus, if any remaining, shall be disposed of as the council shall direct. The mayor and council may contract with any person or persons, or association of persons, companies or corporations for the erection and regulation of said market house and market place on such terms and conditions and in such manner as the council may prescribe, and raise all necessary revenue therefor as herein provided. They may locate market houses and market places and buildings aforesaid on any street, alley or public ground, or any land purchased for such purpose, and provide for the erection of all other useful and necessary buildings for the use of the city and for the protection and safety of all property owned by the city; Provided, any such improvement, costing in the aggregate a sum greater than five hundred dollars, shall not be authorized until the ordinance providing therefor shall be first submitted to and ratified by a majority of the legal voters thereof.

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