15-708. Streets; improvements; public property, how assessed.

If in any city of the primary class there shall be any real estate belonging to any county, school district, municipal or quasi-municipal corporation, cemetery association, library board or other public board or association, abutting upon the street, streets, alley, alleys, public way or grounds proposed to be improved, the proper officer or officers having control and jurisdiction over such real estate or authorized to purchase, lease, hold or convey real estate, shall have power to sign a petition for paving, repaving, curbing, recurbing, grading, changing grade, guttering, resurfacing, relaying existing pavement, or otherwise improving any street, streets, alley, alleys, public way or public grounds or improvement districts. When such improvements have been ordered, it shall be the duty of the county board of education, library board, cemetery trustees or other proper officers controlling and having jurisdiction over said real estate benefited by said improvement, to pay such special taxes or assessments, or its proportionate share of the cost of said improvements; and in event of neglect or refusal so to do, the city may recover the amount of such special taxes or assessments, or proportionate share of the cost, in any proper action, and the judgment thus obtained may be enforced in the usual manner.

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