15-258. Billiard halls; disorderly houses; desecration of Sabbath.

A city of the primary class may restrain, prohibit, and suppress unlicensed tippling shops, billiard tables, bowling alleys, houses of prostitution, opium joints, dens, and other disorderly houses and practices, games, gambling houses, desecration of the Sabbath day, commonly called Sunday, and may prohibit all public amusements, shows, exhibitions, or ordinary business pursuits upon such day, all lotteries, all fraudulent devices and practices for the purposes of obtaining money or property, all shooting galleries except as provided in the Nebraska Shooting Range Protection Act, and all kinds of public indecencies, except that nothing in this section shall be construed to apply to bingo, lotteries, lotteries by the sale of pickle cards, or raffles conducted in accordance with the Nebraska Bingo Act, the Nebraska Lottery and Raffle Act, the Nebraska Pickle Card Lottery Act, the Nebraska Small Lottery and Raffle Act, or the State Lottery Act.

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