15-111. Cities and villages; consolidation; petition; election; ballot forms.

A city of the second class or village, which adjoins a city of the primary class, as well as other villages either adjoining such city of the second class or villages, or supplied in whole or in part with gas, electric light, or street transportation service or supply from manufacturing or power plants and systems mainly located in and maintained and operated mainly from chief headquarters or offices within such city of the primary class, may be consolidated with such city of the primary class in the manner hereinafter set out. It shall be the duty of the officers of such cities of the second class and villages twenty days prior to any general city or village election, to submit to the electors thereof at such general city or village election whenever petitioned to do so by twenty percent of the qualified electors thereof, the question of the consolidation of such adjoining cities or villages with the city of the primary class. Such question shall be submitted in substantially the following form:

Shall the city of ........... be consolidated with the city of ........... ? Or, as the case may be, Shall the village of .......... be consolidated with the city of .......... ? The ballot shall provide in the usual manner for a Yes and No vote on the question.

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