14-814. Utilities district; torts or obligations; exemption of city from liability.

A city of the metropolitan class shall not be liable for any tort or act of negligence of the metropolitan utilities district or of any other utility board or body with full and independent powers of control, or for torts or acts of negligence of any of the officers or employees of such board which may in any way result from, grow out of, or be connected with the maintenance, management, control, or operation of any water system or plant, any gas system or plant, or any other public utility system or plant which the city may acquire or own but which has been placed in the control of and is maintained and operated by any such district or board. The city shall not be liable for the debts and obligations of any such district or board incurred in connection with or in any way pertaining to the maintenance, management, control, or operation of any such plant or system by such board of control with full authority over the revenue and earnings of such system or plant.

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