14-553. City treasurer; duties; continuing education; requirements.

(1) The city treasurer of a city of the metropolitan class shall be a member of the finance department of such city and shall give bond or evidence of equivalent insurance in an amount as required by the finance director of such city. The treasurer shall be liable for the safekeeping and proper disbursement of all funds and money of the city collected or received by him or her. He or she shall keep his or her books and accounts in such manner as to show the amount of money collected by him or her from all sources, the condition of each fund into which the same has been placed, and the items of disbursement thereof.

(2) The city treasurer shall annually complete continuing education through a program approved by the Auditor of Public Accounts, and proof of completion of such program shall be submitted to the Auditor of Public Accounts.

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Operative Date: November 14, 2020