14-526. Bonds; maximum amount authorized annually; exceptions.

Bonds in excess of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars may not be issued in any one year, except for renewal or refunding to fund floating indebtedness or district improvement bonds, to finance grading, to finance public improvements, sewers and intersections, to erect police stations and workhouses, to acquire existing utility property, to construct, remodel or complete a municipal auditorium, to pay for property purchased or acquired in condemnation proceedings, for a public library, subways and conduits, and useful and needed public buildings, to pay for the construction and maintenance of gas works, waterworks, electric light plants or power plants, or any other public utility authorized by this act, or land therefor.

Source:Laws 1921, c. 116, art. IV, § 21, p. 478; C.S.1922, § 3647; C.S.1929, § 14-524; R.S.1943, § 14-526.

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