14-374. City plan; acquisition and disposition of property; public purposes.

Each city of the metropolitan class shall have the power to acquire by gift, purchase, condemnation, or bequest, such real estate within the corporate limits and within three miles thereof as may be necessary for any public use and may later convey, lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of any real estate thus acquired and not necessary for present use or future development upon such terms as it may deem appropriate. In addition to any other public uses, the following are declared to be for a public purpose and for the public health and welfare: Establishing, laying out, widening, and enlarging waterways, streets, bridges, boulevards, parkways, parks, playgrounds, sites for public buildings, and property for administrative, institutional, educational, and all other public uses, and for reservations in, about, along, or leading to any or all of the same. The powers provided in this section shall be in addition to and not in restriction of any other powers now held by such cities.

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